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Mindfulness For Sport


90% of performance is mental, yet we spend the majority of our time, effort and money on physical and technical training.  Athletes are looking for whatever will give them the advantage so why not develop your overall mental mind set and try mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment – aware of what is happening in your body right now?

Not in the future: “In 3 minutes this will end and I can relax!”

Or in the past: “I wasn’t that quick last time so I won’t continue to try”

It may be that your arms, legs, core or all are burning – it doesn’t matter – resist the urge to judge yourself.  You just need to focus on those areas and explore the sensations.

By enhancing current moment awareness, mindfulness exercises can help to generate “flow”, or a state of complete focus on the task at hand, helping to minimise external distractions – getting in the ‘zone’.  When your mind is on the task and nothing else – your flow will help you achieve more.

  • concentrate better allowing you to turn your attention and energy to your performance.
  • make split second adjustments before factors like stress or anxiety have a chance to impact your performance.
  • to work harder, improving your performance.
  • become physically and emotionally healthier.


Our course helps you to build mindfulness skills to create that stronger mind-body connection and find your ‘flow’.  This helps you to make split second adjustments before factors like stress or anxiety have a chance to impact your performance.

Mindfulness is explored progressively over 4 weeks in sessions lasting 60-90 minutes.  Each session includes a bit of theory, a chance to experience a variety meditations and develop habit-breaking techniques

When training for a specific sport or event, consistent practice is required – the same approach is also needed with developing mindful awareness.  You will be given support and encouragement to practice as practising will make all the difference to your performance in the long term.  If you dedicate your time and energy into practising you will be able to;

  • Build an awareness of how stress and anxiety manifest themselves in your body.
  • Develop a new way to relate to intrusive thoughts, stress and anxiety
  • Experience body and physical sensations directly, unmediated by mental and emotional reactions.
  • Relate to thoughts differently.
  • Respond not react to situations and thoughts.

Putting it into practice while training and you might find training more enjoyable!