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Introducing Mindfulness To Your Workplace

Introducing Mindfulness To Your Workplace

Mindfulness is not just about developing a cognitive skill that has implications for task performance.

It is an integrated mind body-based approach that helps people change the way they think and feel about their experiences, especially stressful experience. 

Halliwell (2010)

Mindfulness based interventions (MBI’s) in organisations offer the potential to build employee and organisational resilience.  It can help to nurture emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation by creating an empathic environment.   Therefore any MBI should be a voluntary programme with employees being encouraged to try mindfulness rather than as part of a stipulated training programme.

We recommend the following steps to introducing mindfulness.

Taster Sessions / Workshops

Mindfulness Taster Sessions are an excellent way to introduce both the theory and the practice of mindfulness to your team.  Taster sessions can be a part of a team-building day, or as stand-alone training, and can help you discover whether mindfulness is something your organisation wants to explore further.  During the taster session we look at what mindfulness is – discuss a few common misconceptions – and give you the opportunity to experience some of our meditation practices.

These sessions can be 60 minutes or half day workshops but we always we leave your team with practical exercises that they can use during the working day.

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Running a pilot 8 week course

The standard course follows a structure that has been shown to provide benefits. However we can work with you to create a bespoke version that reflects the values of your business – e.g. using language that fits with your organisation’s culture.

Evaluation of the Pilot Course

We compare measures before and after courses to give both quantitative and qualitative data.

Ongoing Support

Following the evolution we can offer ongoing support

  • Additional courses
  • Regular practice sessions
  • Mindfulness for Leaders
  • Individual courses for employees returning to work following stress related illness
  • Help with enhancing the mindfulness offerings