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I feel better within myself.  More mindfully aware of everything around me.  Donna is a very good teacher.



My anxiety levels have lessened – the course is brilliant for bringing down stress.  Donna – brilliantly calm in a quiet but firm way.



My favourite elements were the management of stress exercises to help and manage day to day.



Greater sense of what is important in my life.  Practical skills to put this into practice.  Calmer, less stressed. Better able to deal with long term pain.



Before the course my biggest fear was that the course would just be a lot of fashionable jargon.  In fact, it was so much more than that, and has provided a series of ideas and activities that I have come to rely on to improve my everyday life.



I thought it would be a bit ‘hippy’ and not representative of everyday life.  It was the exact opposite, it identified the very reason attending this course is beneficial.  My favourite part was learning the ‘knack’ of being able to concentrate on yourself and breathing to find clear space.


I can simply say that the course has had a huge impact on my life.  Whether it was the importance of breathing; or taking time to notice and savour the ‘little things’ in everyday life, or crucially, the importance of living  in the ‘now’, not second-guessing the future, or dwelling on the past – I gained a great deal from the course.

Paul Simpson
Former Head of PR & Senior Lecturer, PR and Communications, BBC Radio 1 & University of Greenwich

I really enjoyed all of it and learned so much.  I have already recommended a friend!  But she would have to be open to examining herself and her attitudes towards what used to be viewed as a “new age” therapy – funnily enough, some of them really do work!


Absolutely brilliant – lots of hard work put into the course by Donna.  Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and journey


It reminded me to be more present, conscious and connected.  I would recommend it to  a friend by saying – use it as a tool to manage day-to-day life, to help bring a richness, quality of life that’s within you and (un)available to you (helps un-tap a deeper true nature of yourself)


My favourite parts were – Donna’s openness, outside meditation, looking at stuff on tables (seeking out the pleasant) group supervised mediations.

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I completed the eight week course  – I would recommend it to anyone – has helped me with sleeping, concentration and my ability to handle deadlines and pressure at work.  The course was well run – Mindfully Aware provided all the equipment (mats and blankets) and even gave us tea and biscuits!  AB


Donna uses our studio for some of her classes and we are very lucky to have her.  The feedback our clients give is always first class and I would throughout recommend Mindfully aware to anyone interested in mindfulness.  Director, Thorpes Physiotherapy.


A most useful course that is sympathetically delivered. I certainly feel more “Mindfully Aware” in my everyday life and continue to use the stress relieving techniques taught and practiced during the course. MC


I did the 8 week mindfulness course with Donna who is an excellent coach and I found it very useful to apply to my personal situation.  The atmosphere was really comfortable for the meditation sessions.  NS


I was fortunate enough to come across Mindfully Aware in a very tricky time in my life. Without doubt Donna assisted me in learning new techniques to deal with my distress and difficult times.  SJ


Donna offers wonderful insights and space for you to come home to yourself using a very comprehensive toolkit that anyone can use anywhere. JN



A practical guide to using mindfulness in everyday life delivered by a highly competent and engaging practitioner.  AH

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I would highy recommend this course, superbly run by Donna, particularly for those in constantly stressful situations. MH