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Mental Health First Aid Training

If someone is having a heart attack, is choking, or can’t breathe – it is easy to spot.  But what does depression look like? Or anxiety? What would you say to a person you know says they are thinking about taking their life?

The updated guidance for The Health and Safety Executive recently updated their guidance in the Health and Safety Act 1974 states:

You should consider ways to manage mental ill health in your workplace which are appropriate for your business, such as providing information or training for managers and employees, employing occupational health professionals, appointing mental health trained first aiders and implementing employee support programs

With 14.7% of people  experiencing mental health problems in the workforce, and with evidence suggesting that 12.7% of all sickness absences can be attributed to mental health problems, it is important that there is support and awareness in organisations. (Source: The Mental Health Foundation)

Training employees as Mental Health First aiders in your workplace has many benefits:

  • They can quickly provide support to a colleague.
  • They act as a role model for how to manage mental health.
  • Initiate conversations about of mental health improving you organisation’s awareness
  • Promotion of the importance of good mental health.
  • Reduce the stigma and discrimination around mental health.

Our trainers are all licensed Mental Health First Aider instructors with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England having trained completed the programme that is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.

MHFA England is part of a global community at the forefront of mental health.

Two Day Course

This course is based on research and developed by experts and individuals with lived experience of mental health issues.  It is evidence based and goes through a process of continuous evaluation by MHFA England.

During the course attendees will be able to

  • develop a good understanding of mental health and how it affects wellbeing
  • learn how to  identify the signs of various mental issues
  • gain confidence to approach and support someone in distress
  • learn how to keep yourself safe when supporting others
  • learn the ALGEE Action plan (the equivalent of ABC in First Aid) and be equipped to help an individual with a mental health problem.

We provide:

  • A manual
  • A workbook containing case studies and a toolkit to support their own mental health,
  • A quick guide to the steps – ALGEE – to follow when supporting others.

Upon completing the course, they will be a mental health first aiders in the workplace and receive a certificate of attendance.